Maximum Pastry - for fast & tasty music!


Q. Are you any good?
A. Yes. We're very good.

Q. Will we be able to manage the dances?
A. Yes. All of the ceilidhs we play at have a mixture of beginners, people who have been to ceilidhs before, and sometimes experts. Often at a ceilidh nobody has done it before - it all adds to the fun ! We tailor the dances for the audience and occasion and 'call' the dances - walking you through the steps and demonstrating, and then add the music when everyone is happy. We are playing so that you can enjoy yourselves.

Q. We're not sure if everyone will want to dance, but we'd still like to book the band. Can we do this?
A. We'll provide a day or night of musical entertainment. If you just want a concert, or even background music, that's fine - we're a professional trad group. If you definitely want dancing as well, we'll bring our caller!

Q. How do I make a booking?
A. We've tried to include all the information you need on the website but if you would like to discuss your requirements in person please contact us. We'll then confirm everything in writing for you - as soon as we receive the second signed copy of the contract it's booked.

Q. How far in advance do we need to book?
A. Most of our bookings come from people who have been to one of our gigs or ceilidhs, or by word of mouth, so the further in advance the better, especially if you are after a particular date eg for a wedding. Friday and Saturday nights are the most popular and we often have bookings a year in advance. Our busiest dates other than weddings are around St Patrick's Day ( 17th March) and Burns Night ( 25th January) so book early to avoid disappointment. If you're not sure of when to have your event we can provide our available dates.

Q. Are you expensive?
A. For a live, professional band - definitely not. The fee obviously depends on the time of the gig and the travel involved. We do not charge more for where the gig is - you're paying us for the band, not the venue, so whether it be a small village hall or a top hotel we offer competetive rates.

Q. Do we need to pay a deposit?
A. No, not usually, although a cancellation fee is payable if the booking is cancelled after confirmation. See Contract for more information.

Q. How far does the band travel?
A. We are based in the North East of England, so most of our bookings tend to be around Durham, Northumberland, Tyneside, Teesside and North Yorkshire. However we have done many bookings further afield, from Scotland to The Cotswolds, and this year members of the band have travelled to Ireland and the south of France for solo performances. If a very long journey was involved out of the area we may require overnight accomodation.

Q. What sort of venues do you play?
A. All sorts. We do pub gigs, weekend fetes and festivals, as well as small village halls, big hotels, castles and country houses and recently even a football stadium ! It really all depends on what sort of event you want or what the occasion is. We have played for hundreds of weddings and private parties, and also fundraising events, works dos, corporate entertaining, concerts and sometimes just for background music.

Q. Do we need to sort out PA equipment?
A. No - we bring everything with us: speakers, amp, mixer and all necessary sound equipment. We just need clear access to a space big enough for a four-piece band and their gear.

Q. What is the format of a typical night ?
A. We will always arrive in good time so that everything is set up and ready for the start of the gig. If it's a ceilidh dance we'll play a mixture of music of music to dance to, and music to listen to to give you a breather ! Our experienced caller will talk you through the dance first, demonstrating or practising, before we add the music and the fun really begins !


Maximum Pastry! will be recording their next album at the end of the summer. We hope to have this ready for release at Christmas - keep checking the site for more details.